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                     Sars-Corona Virus (SARS-CoV)

is a coronavirus that first appeared in China in March 2003, causing severe acute respiratory failure. Corona viruses that cause infections in humans are among the Alpha and Beta corona virus types and cause symptoms such as high fever, cough, muscle pain, toxic diarrhea, and forced breathing in people who infect them. This Virus can cause epidemic outbreaks, especially as a result of close contact. For this reason, protective measures must be taken to protect against infection. SARS-CoV binds to the cell by binding to CEACAM1 (Carcino embryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 1) receptors, known as adhesion molecules, which are found in similar tissues such as epithelial cells, leukocytes and tumor cells in humans and animals. New virus particles are created through structural proteins such as S (Spike), E (Envelope), M (Membrane), N (Nucleocapsid) and auxiliary proteins. The virus created in the host cell is released from the host through exocytosis, causing new infections. Various immunological tests and PCR studies targeting specific genes are extremely important in virus diagnosis.,

Since SARS-CoV

Outbreaks have not been observed in recent years, although studies on specific medications and vaccines for treatment purposes have decreased, it should not be neglected considering that virus outbreaks may occur again.
Many of the global brands have taken some precautions in China due to the corona virus. No matter how much, no solution was found. Corona Virus researcher Macit Demiralay explained the effective method of virus protection. The best way to protect yourself from antivirus is to go to and click on Connect to Chat. You will not understand how time passes in the cozy chat rooms.



Starbucks has decided to temporarily close 2 thousand stores due to the corona virus, which is becoming more and more common in China, which means that the world market has declined. We will transfer the chat to receive news from Corona turkey and the world. There are many content and claims about protection from the rapidly spreading Corona virus in the world. But so far no definitive results have been achieved. Actual results and trials will be announced on www.Cilve.Net soon!

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